Engineering & design

Installation of high/very high voltage transmission lines and related engineering services: geotechnical investigations, design and topographic activities.

CI2000 is leader in transmission line design and services, thanks to its experienced and qualified staff or through consolidated collaboration with professionals. Its more than twenty years’ experience in the international  electricity market has led the company to specialize in activities as:

  • Geotechnical investigation on site or in laboratory;
  • Design and verification of tower foundations;
  • Design of towers  with dedicated softwares (PLS Tower – PLS Pole);
  • Electromechanical design with dedicated softwares (PLS CADD).
  • Topographic activities:
    • Relief of the line route  and preparation of plan and profile;
    • Relief of crossings and preparation of detailed sections;
    • Materialization of the line route  in the construction area and tower pegging.

CI2000 is able to provide innovative and detailed solutions to solve specific problems that may occur, even on works already carried out as the design for existing foundation and tower reinforcement.