Site management

Qualified personnelin the construction and maintenance of transmission lines

The site management is entrusted to Project Manager with a long experience in the field of transmission lines. A site construction  team  collaborate  with the Project Manager in order to provide the Customer with a 360 degree management guarantee.

The Project Organization from the very beginning identifies the key figures responsible for the most concerned project aspects – the Project Manager, the Site Manager in charge of the construction works,  the HSE Manager for Safety and Environment, the QA Manager responsible for Quality. In addition, a number of other managers  coordinated by the staff above  to ensure tracking and evaluation of performance and progress.

In the case of a high-voltage overhead transmission line, safety and eco-sustainability parameters must be respected. For this reason it is necessary that the personnel involved in the project be duly trained  with regard to the rules to be implemented in the operation and maintenance of the power lines.