Who we are


CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 was established in 1994 by three italian companies, RODA SPA as leader, sharing the aim to create a permanent Joint Venture to promote and consolidate their own business activities in the international market.
The partners, each one with a consolidated experience in the national electricity market across the realization of turnkey projects for public and private utilities, decided to form a consortium, binding jointly and severally all of them, with the purpose to grow and serve clients’ needs with a flexible, efficient and professional workforce in the main field of the transmission line projects, pipeline projects and public works in general.

Low, medium and high voltage transmission line manufacturers


CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000’s mission is to become an international leader in “Turnkey Projects”. The human, technical and financial consortium resources allow the necessary strength for a first-class place in the high competitive international energy market.

Our goal is a continuous improvement of services provided to our clients. Their priorities are satisfied by a full control of all project steps from commencement to commissioning.
This focus will apply equally to safety, quality, environment, cost and timescale with, as far as possible, zero defects.

CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 is engaged to realize all activities in order to satisfy the needs of its customers, working with high quality standards, respecting all the health and safety rules and protecting the environment. Through the application of these criteria, CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 is sure to achieve the best result.


Considering the international energy market escalation towards growing levels in the electricity trade, the capability to offer innovative performances along with a client satisfaction endurance, forces CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 to sustain and grant a continuous training to its personnel and to adopt the most modern and sophisticated technical instruments and equipment.

Overhead power transmission power lines
Overhead transmission lines
Overhead transmission lines


We endeavor to provide and assure clients of a professional, comprehensive, reliable and flexible approach. CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 has a structure built on quality engineering practices and management procedures headed by experienced engineers from the electric industry background, who can provide a full range of suitable solutions to our clients.

Once contract-awarded, CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 usually proceeds to establish an own local country-branch.
The project management on site is performed by our personnel while the necessary labour force is supplied directly by the consortium or locally recruited according to contract obligations.