Project implementation

Mobilization of resources for site management and construction of transmission lines

Resources include staff and personnel, means, equipment and materials necessary for the construction and are duly established by a careful planning of activities and the implementation of detailed time schedules for works and supplies.

Thanks to the acquired experience CI2000 may calibrate the resources so as to ensure an efficient and dynamic solution leading  to customer satisfaction while at the same time maximizing the cost-effectiveness  in order to ensure the company’s competitiveness.

The supply requires the procurement of special  materials designed  to serve for the useful life of the transmission line and subjected to  the various  weathering  conditions. CI2000, in compliance with the contract  specifications, is able to offer innovative and targeted solutions to the environmental context in which the transmission line is located.  In particular, thanks to its consolidated collaboration with world-class suppliers, CI2000 offers innovative solutions for high-capacity conductors of new generation.

Generally speaking, CI2000  may manage the procurement  of the following materials:

  • Towers
  • Conductors and earthwire
  • Fiber Optic cables
  • Insulators
  • Fittings
  • Signalling spheres
  • Bird protection  devices
  • Accessories

The supply process is handled by qualified experts for each type of material, from the stage of purchase order to the complete site installation, passing dedicated factory tests. Only in this way CI2000 may guarantee the highest standards of quality of the supplied materials.