Transmission and gas lines


2000 - 2006

As a consequence of the storms in France at the end of December 1999, CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 intervenes on the French territory to realize security and consolidation works on the damaged transmission lines.
Once obtained the qualification by EDF GDF SERVICES – PFA di Nantes, on 14 April 2000, CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 consolidates its settlement in France throughout the awarding of many rehabilitation and reconstruction contracts. From that moment, CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 is represented by an own local branch actually situated in Mions (Lyon).
Besides the activity on the electric sector, CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 launches itself in the realization of gas projects
obtaining the qualification by EDF GDF SERVICES – PFA de NANTERRE, on 16 March 2001, leading to the performance of huge gas projects so called “fontes sensibles”.
On July 2005, after a qualification process, RTE granted CONSORZIO ITALIA 2000 as APPROVED SUPPLIER of its platforms for high and very high voltage transmission line projects.

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Transmission and gas lines - France


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