Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Water Resources, Eritrea Electricity Authority, EEA

Turn-key project for the construction of the overhead transmission line 132 kV named “Hirgigo-Asmara” for a total length of 71 km and three 66 kV overhead transmission lines named “Asmara-Dekemhare / Asmara-Mendefera / Belesa-Keren” for a total length of 153 km.

The whole project took place on a mostly mountainous terrain at an altitude ranging from 1400 m to 2500 m dealing even with the main line a gradient from 0 m to 2400 m in just a few kilometers.

The major difficulty was that of having to operate in a country in war that obliged the evacuation of all expatriate personnel due to the bomb threats All activities have been supervised by Lahmeyer International GmbH, Germany.

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Eritrea: high voltage overhead transmission line 132 kV


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